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Latest Review: Transcendence There is a reason that while scientists are smart people, they don't always make for the best storytellers. Scientists are concerned with facts, testing theories, and living by what is logical. They have a hard time taking things on faith or accepting that there simply might not be something there when they thought there was (hey, if I was the one doing the talking I'd chalk this way of thinking to the simple philosophy “that's life”). “Transcendence” is almost like a study of someone who wants to tell a story but just...More

Latest Editorial: Why I hate “How it Should Have Ended” (and you should too)I’m not even going to build up to an opinion this time. Quite bluntly, I feel that “How it Should Have Ended” is one of the stupidest, mind numbingly dumb, colossal waste of two to five minutes worth of “entertainment” that is currently on the internet. This is a show so incompetent in its ability to be funny or clever that watching videos of nothing but a guy smoking a pipe would be a better use of your time. That fact that “How it Should Have Ended” is successful is mind blowing. Granted, terrible things sometimes...More

Great Director of the Month: Ang Lee Like most people out there, the first time I had really heard of Ang Lee was when I saw “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” Not only because it was a foreign film that managed to break box office records and made Lee a winner of many awards (including Best Director at The Director's Guild America). With that movie though many of us had mistakenly felt we had Lee figured out. We figured he was a maker...More

Video Rants From The Movie
Hey Disney: Where's "Frozen" on BluRay 3D?

In Memory
Mickey Rooney (1920-2014)

Movie legend Mickey Rooney has died at age 93. He had been in the movies so long he was one of the last actors alive to have gotten his career started in silent movies (which, now that I think about it, means that there was a missed opportunity for a small part in “The Artist”). He started his career at the young age of twenty one months old when he crawled on stage while his parents were performing. They lifted him up, introduced him...More

From Disk to Digital
Private Moose and Steamboys

This week's installment has moose, steamboys, and unlikely privates! Army privates, not the other...never mind.

Top Ten Best Films of 2013

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Top Ten Worst Films of 2013

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